Oct 01 - Charles Wins Modified Championship in a Tie-Breaker


Charles Wins Modified Championship in a Tie-Breaker


9-21 -13 MAYETTA, KS - Well where do I start? I must admit that this article has been the hardest one to sit down and type out. Not because of my unwillingness to do it, but because I simply can’t find the correct words to describe Saturday evenings fantastic racing events. In all seriousness, when I began this adventure back in April, I would have never imagined the great weekly racing put forth at Thunder Hill Speedway. It was amazing!


Saturday began early in the morning with mother-nature bringing some rain to the track. Several teams were concerned that the show may not go on. As usual, after getting in touch with Mike Conkwright, he assured me we would be ready to go. Once again, not only the racing surface but the entire facility, was in great shape and the racetrack provided for some amazing finishes. All classes put on some of the best racing of the season, and a couple of the feature events went caution free.


The Casey’s General Store IMCA Sport Compact series is always the first feature to race onto Thunder Hill Speedway. In order to capture the Championship, Wade Heller has to start and finish this race. Wade starts from the back with Lexi Boyden and Alex Boyden starting on the front row.  Austin Umscheid had mechanical difficulties early and pulled infield. Alex Boyden led early on and looked to be a contender for the win. With a late race pass, at the drop of the checkered flag, it would be Dan Canady picking up the win and proudly standing in The Pit Pass Liquor Victory Lane. Alex Boyden, Morgan “Mo-Money” Ziegler, Lexi Boyden and Wade Heller rounded out the top five. Wade Heller, .a.k.a. “Showtime”, was crowned your 2013 Casey’s General Store IMCA Sport Compact Track Champion.


The Kansas National Guard IMCA Hobby Stocks took the green flag with Nathan Munhall on the pole and Bill McConnaughy  to his right. Patrick Thyfault, who rolled on the back stretch last week, races into the lead and would never relinquish that spot. Brian Stich would try everything he could to race him down and finds himself on Thyfaults bumper. At the drop of the checkered flag, contact was made between these two at the flagstand. Patrick Thyfault stood victoriously in the Pit Pass Liquor Victory Lane, followed by Brian Stich, Brent Daringer, Tyler Garst and Mallory Stiffler. Brian Stich is crowned your 2013 Kansas National Guard IMCA Hobby Stock Track Champion.  


The Belleville Motor Sports IMCA Northern Sportmod division would put on a caution free event. Drivers would use every inch of Thunder Hill Speedway to gain advantage and additional spots. The points race  is tight going in, with only a four point spread between Kyle Olberding and Bryan Rigsby. At the drop of the green flag Olberding and Rigsby know what they have to do. Dustin Crist, Luke Stallbaumer and Curtis Dreasher battled at the front of the field, leaving the fans in suspense as to who would take the checkered flag.  As this one came to a close, Curtis Dreasher stands proudly in the Pit Pass Liquor Victory Lane followed by Dustin Crist, Luke Stallbaumer, Kyle Olbering, and Kurtis Pihl. Kyle Olberding is crowned the 2013 Belleville Motor Sports IMCA Northern Sportmod Track Champion.


As the Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stock Cars enter the speedway, Matt Haid trails Mike Nichols by just eight points. Haid and Nichols would roll to the start of this race from the third row with Jim Powell Jr.  starting from the  fifth row inside. Side by side racing action would have the fans on their feet as Nichols and Powell worked their way through traffic. Nichols would use both the low line and the topside to work his way to the front, as Powell came all the way from the rear of the field. When the checkered flag fell on this one, It was Mike Nichols standing in the Pit Pass Liquor Victory Lane followed by Jim Powell Jr., Brian Labonte, Matt Haid and Leif Weyer. Mike Nichols is awarded the crown as the 2013 Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stock Car Track Champion, as he secured his 29th win of the season towards his National Title.


The BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modifieds started Saturday evenings feature with a tie for first place  between Justin Becker and Allen Halderman and Tom Charles only two points back. As this feature rolls onto Thunder Hill Speedway, Justin Becker finds himself at the tail of the field after having mechanical difficulties in his heat race. Becker has to get to Allen Haldermans back bumper and keep Tom Charles behind him. Charles and Halderman start from the fourth row and Charles wastes no time working his way through traffic. Charles takes the lead early on as Corey Lagroon tries everything he’s got to make a pass.  An untimely caution for Charles, brings the field together and gives Lagroon another shot. Becker uses the caution to his advantage as he finds himself on Haldermans bumper. With the fans on their feet, so many scenarios are going through their minds. It will be a three lap shoot out. Coming out of turn four, it looks as though Halderman will win the Championship. As the green flag falls on Charles for the win, Becker passes Halderman before the flag stand. Becker and Charles are now tied, with the tie breaker going to Charles, who had one more win than Becker. Tom Charles would be crowned the 2013 BSB Manufacturing IMCA Track Champion. Tom Charles picks up a crucial win at Thunder Hill Speedway, followed by Corey Lagroon, Justin Becker, Allen Halderman and Kurt Johnston.


The Xtreme Motorsports Clash on the Hill provided great racing action all season long. The Conkwright family would like to thank all drivers, fans, sponsors and employees for a fabulous season at Thunder Hill Speedway.  Racing will return on October 18th and 19th for the year end finale of Thunder on The Hill. All five IMCA classes will put on the best racing action in Northeast Kansas with racers from all over the mid-west.  Join us for two complete shows and remember to bring a friend and a cooler!!! It’s going to be a great show!  Friend Thunder Hill Speedway on Facebook or for more information visit:  


Bill Grit